Staff Opportunities


We are always looking for beginner to advanced programmers. We do not provide training for new programmers, but we do welcome those who are interested in learning to send in an application. The languages we use, but are not limited to: C++, C#, LUA, PHP, Python, and Javascript.

Graphic and Design

Are you interested in working with 2D and 3D graphic design or are you a freelancer, looking to get your name out in the world? Perhaps you just wish to create out of passion? Well whatever your interest we are always seeking new and talented artists to join our team!

Product Management

Do you find yourself to be an organized individual who feels that they can help projects maintain interest? Do you feel motivated to help projects reach their goals? Feel free to send in an application to become a product manager today.

Writers and Story Planners

Are you interested in story writing? Have you always wanted to have your ideas brought to life in the video game world? Send in an application to become apart of a growing community.

Customer Service

We are always seeking people to handle customer service. It is a small, but very important role in handling large scale projects. If you feel you would be a valuable asset to our customer support team, please send in an application.

Moderator / Server Administrator

Often, large game servers are being moderated by Game Masters and server administrators. Vanguard's Servers network is no exception to this rule. We are always looking for honest and motivated moderators to operate our game servers from the inside.

Game Masters and moderators are prohibited from modifying the user experience (such as modifying stats, or adding items to player inventories). All commands and tools are logged and any exploitation of this service WILL result in immediate service termination for the moderator AND the afflicted players. Players who are wrongfully banned, may appeal this.


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