About Us

We are a small team of developers, modders and gamers dedicated on bringing you the best of the best. We strive for the ultimate perfection in quality. We realize that perfection is almost never possible, but we always keep our sights aimed on it. Motivated to build a strong and healthy community that players (that’s you) can feel proud to be apart of.

Our biggest goal in the creation of these servers is to create a fair and fun approach, that the casual gamer, and the hardcore gamer can appreciate. We will always strive to keep any and all “pay-to-win” aspects at a minimal. As gamers we all know the struggle of many games using the pay-to-win approach in their cash shops to divide the elite from the rookies, where in reality, you can’t just become the best at something just because you have a lot of money. In our servers, you will earn your status, at your own pace.

Our community is all thanks to you, for without you, this community would not be what it is!