How to Transfer Your Character on Conan Exiles

Hello Exiles,

This guide is intended to fully explain how the character transfer system works. Firstly let’s go over some important information.

What is a character transfer?

A character transfer allows you to take your character you’ve made on one of the Vanguard Servers networks, and transfer it to another server running on the network, and vice-versa. All items equipped, and in your inventory and hot bars will be transferred to the server of your choice, once you’ve initiated the server transfer.

How does it work?

In game you will find an obelisk (which are located in the Hall of Factions). Upon activating the obelisk, the server will verify if the global database is currently accepting uploads; if it is, you will be logged out and sent to the server selection screen...

WYD: The Tower of Retaliation – Chapter 4

With man’s defeat, the Continent was thrown into an era of despair and pure evil. The once fertile land was invaded by rampaging hordes and they mercilessly devoured every living creature they chanced upon. It was a morbid sight that foretold the terrible reign of terror. The once proud race of men was banished from the Continent and it seemed only death and destruction separated the earth from the heavens.

The treacherous Harden had consummated his first plan and only the dream of setting foot on Hekhaloth lay on the horizon. Sensing another impending victory on the way, he immediately ordered the construction of a massive “Towers of Retaliation” to serve as a bridge and launching pad towards his grandiose goal of conquering the heavens.

WYD: Attack on Armia – Chapter 3

The Great Heavenly War soon turned into a bloody and bitter feud with neither side getting a clear-cut advantage. Hope soon arrived for the loyalists when the Archangel Kafma led a decisive charge that finally turned the tide of battle to their side. The rebellious Seraphs were routed and expelled from Hekhaloth but Harden was able to escape towards earth.

During the last campaigns, a fateful development was transpiring below. The essence of dead angels were falling into earth and were entering the bodies of numerous infants. These newborns were able to acquire the power of Seraphs and soon grew to positions of power and distinction. Embolden with magical powers and skills, they urged for an escalation in the war against the heavens.

Nesses, a magician from the Kingdom Koren began to ally ...

WYD: Great Heavenly War – Chapter 2

For a long time, man lived under a seemingly utopian world. They prospered and multiplied while never failing to praise and worship their heavenly provider. Yet, this “Age of Glory” would soon be shattered by the growing envy and blind ambition of a mighty Seraph called Harden. He began to spread lies and started plotting against the mortals. He was convinced that they were weak beings unworthy of God’s love and providence.

This raging conviction drew others into his cause and their collective hatred soon spilled into a full-scale rebellion against God. The “Great Heavenly War” was about to begin…

WYD: Age of Glory – Chapter 1

As soon as God finished creating Heaven and Earth, the first inhabitants of the new land began to populate the region. God also appointed several angels to help them build foundations of their civilization. These pioneers were given dominion over the land and enjoyed the blessing and protection of the Seraphim and from all threats and dangers.

A great blossoming in their political and economic system along with other advances in science, art, and religion paved the way for what became known as the “Age of Glory”. This era saw technology and theology working hand in hand while the sacred practice of arcane and natural forms of magic was left to a chosen few…

Coming soon: With Your Destiny

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce a new project that has been in development for quite some time: With Your Destiny (or WYD for short). WYD is an isometric MMORPG with a focus on character building and large-scale PvP (and PvE!). It currently features four classes to choose from: Guardian, Ranger, Mage and Druid. In the coming days, there will be more information to share and we look forward to the feedback we receive in regards to the launch of this classic title. The game has been redesigned from the ground up and features a myriad of new content as well as a return of the favorite existing content.

At launch there will be two servers available. Each server is capable of maintaining 1000 concurrent players, and more servers may be added as required...