Coming soon: With Your Destiny

Hello everyone,


We are pleased to announce a new project that has been in development for quite some time: With Your Destiny (or WYD for short). WYD is an isometric MMORPG with a focus on character building and large-scale PvP (and PvE!). It currently features four classes to choose from: Guardian, Ranger, Mage and Druid. In the coming days, there will be more information to share and we look forward to the feedback we receive in regards to the launch of this classic title. The game has been redesigned from the ground up and features a myriad of new content as well as a return of the favorite existing content.


At launch there will be two servers available. Each server is capable of maintaining 1000 concurrent players, and more servers may be added as required. We plan to showcase some screenshots and/or videos in the upcoming announcements as well as the story and lore in it’s current state. We know you will appreciate the effort put forth into the development and are excited to release this and join you in your adventures!


As always, thanks for your continued support,
Vanguard Staff.